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Body Endermologie

Visible results after only 3 sessions !

Visible results after just 3 sessions



- 5,2CM

Waistline Reduction*


Cellulite Smoothed*

Body treatments

Release fat

Are you sick of that stubborn fat that just won’t budge even when you diet like a crazy person? Well, Allure Cosmedic’s amazing Endermologie guarantees to release fat from diet-resistant parts of your body and give you that toned, beautiful body!

Smooth cellulite

Cellulite really isn’t specific to women who aren’t athletic or very thin, it can literally pop up on anyone’s body making it look unflattering. With our advanced Endermologie techniques, we can bring a grand difference to your cellulite in just 3 weeks!

Firm the skin

Our skin is prone to loosening up and just not having the same firmness as our youthful years but that’s alright! With Endermologie you get that firmness and tightness of your skin back in just three weeks. The difference is there, it’s visible and people won’t stop complimenting you even if you asked!

Lighten legs

Apart from the purpose of beautification, there is a lot of lymphatic build-up and poor blood circulation in our bodies and ends up in really heavy legs, lots of swelling and discomfiture of sorts. The build-up of toxins in your legs also hinders everyday tasks. Our Endermologie helps you rid yourself of all that!


Endermologie serves as an excellent step towards your physical wellbeing because you owe your body to keep it in its best shape and form!

Full body treatments

Full body treatments are available and the difference can be seen ever so clearly in just three weeks!
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