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Academia Facial Treatment

How Our State-of-the-Art Laser Tech Works on Skin

Laser facials go on a far deeper level rather than just fixing the surface of the skin. They bring to life the natural healing processes of our body and give your skin a new chance to breathe. The laser directly works on the layer of skin right underneath the surface called dermis. It helps boost the production of collagen and elastin in the skin. Because of the heat of the laser, the skin is warmed up and the natural healing process of the skin comes to life. When this process comes into action the body starts to produce more collagen and elastin making your skin younger and healthier.
The best part about this procedure is that it requires absolutely no downtime. Your life can go back to normal in no time so you can perform your daily activities like you normally would. For example exercising, working and even driving. There may be some amount of redness still left on your skin after the procedure but that is completely natural and goes away pretty soon. While you will see some sort of improvement in your skin after initial treatment, we recommend going long-term so that you see actual results.

Experience the Benefits of Laser-Based Facials

Laser facial has garnered a rather problematic reputation but rest assured that our good team of professionals will be able to give you the most wonderful benefits when it comes to laser facial. This facial works miraculously on the production of collagen and elastin, unlike any potion or lotion that you will ever apply. Collagen is usually responsible for giving your skin that fine-tuned look as if you are Photoshopped in real life. It is collagen that fills out the fine lines on your face and smoothens it so the texture is like nothing else.

What Are fillers

Fillers are an excellent nonsurgical way of filling out lips, cheeks, sunken eyes sockets, laugh lines, and any other portions of your face that you feel need that slight enhancement. We use hyaluronic acid in our fillers which is a naturally occurring acid and does not create toxins in your skin. It is completely safe to use and works wonders when it comes to giving your skin that youthful glow.
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