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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Well, we cleanse the area where the removal has to be done thoroughly. In some cases, a numbing gel helps sooth the client’s skin and ease the whole process. A patch test is performed to see how the skin reacts and the procedure is started. The laser usually vaporises the hair and a sulphur like smell can be felt around in the air but you don’t have to worry, it’s standard procedure. Whoever is performing the treatment and the client both wear protective gear to avoid eye damage.

The sun takes its toll on you mostly. You must, at all times, protect laser treated skin from the sun. the following steps can be taken after you get your hair removed with a laser:

  • Avoid direct exposure to the sun and its rays
  • Avoid tanning beds and other tanning equipment even if it does not involve the sun directly
  • Stick to what your dermatologist suggests
It’s quite immediate really. It happens right after you’ve taken the treatment. It may vary slightly though with the color of your skin, the texture, whether you have a thicker layer of skin or a thin one. All these factors combine to affect the outcome. One thing is for sure, you will see a significant reduction of hair growth on the treated area, almost 10 to 25%.

In most cases, the hair do not grow back for months and years. It is quite the smooth sail for those clients. However, sometimes a few hairs regrow and they are not quite noticeable. if noticeable regrowth occurs, it is recommended that you book a follow up laser hair removal appointment.

A few things may yield you really good results. Firstly, it is always better to see what your doctor has to say about your skin and does he/she recommend laser hair removal. Another thing would be timely scheduled appointments with no delays in between. Thirdly, always set logical doable goals. If you set your expectation too unrealistically high, you might be demotivated and might not want to continue.
Usually side effects are mild and last between one to three days in total. So you need not perry if the initial days after a hair removal with laser seem a little tough to deal with. There is definitely some irritation in the skin and you may feel itch across it and there may be dry patches. There would also be redness and it may seem like it would never go away but trust us, it would. Some clients experience swelling of the skin as well which is a completely normal side effect and goes away after 2 to 3 days.
Back in the days, laser processes were pretty unstable and even unsafe. Hair removal through laser was only done for light skin with dark hair on it so the strand was clearly visible but technology has done us pretty good. These days it is safely performed on all skin colours with all hair colours. There isn’t a downtime involved either. It doesn’t limit or inhibit you in any way possible so you can stop worrying about that as well.
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