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Medical Facials

The Vampire Facelift Is a Non-Surgical Solution to Younger Looking Skin

The Ultimate FaceLift

A youthful appearance is such a confidence booster that it will chnage your lfe for the better! We, here at Allure Cosmedic, give your skin that ultimate lift that it requires. We take Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) from your body and introduce it to your face for that rosy, beautiful glowing skin. It is done through microneedling and the microneedle gets to the points of your skin where usual tips are unable to. The platelets work like a miracle with you skin and repair years upon years of accumulated damage. It takes care of pigmentation, ane scarring, fine lines and wrinkles.

The Latest Technology and Methods for the Best Skincare Results

The Latest And Greatest

Our technology is the latest and the greatest. We invest our finances, time and energy in procuring the very best of equipment from all across the globe to give you the best available option. Everything we put to use is the highest quality there is available. Our clients can be carefree and mentally at ease knowing we are providing them with the very best!
Your skin will feel tighter and supple after the treatment. There will be some minor redness. This redness is temporary and will go away in a few days leaving your skin so refreshed you would love every minute of it.

Discover How the Vampire Facelift Works

How Does A FaceLift Work?

A facelift doesn’t always have to be a surgical one. It doesn’t have to involve lots of skin markings and popping of vessels. The facelift we are talking about gives you the youthful glow without that horrendous struggle. Sounds like a good bargain, doesn’t it? PRP is a completely safe prcess in which the body gives out platelet rich plasma whihc is applied to the face mostly to give it the utmost rejuvenation. And it works like magic!
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