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Peels are the newest type of chemical exfoliation procedure around Ontario and this trend has picked up a lot of momentum. There is this great thing about Peels, they are safe, they are easy to manage, there isn’t much waiting time, there aren’t many days needed for recovery, it’s all a quick, great way to just let your skin breathe! Peels may intimidate some people but on a more general level, they are safe and a good nonevasive process that tends to your skin immediately making it instantly better.
Yes, there have been some peel horror stories with burnt skin but we do not work that way. Our highly trained staff knows what it is doing. Also, a chemical peel is an excellent way to just let go of all that dirt, gunk, and dead skin that accumulates on your face over time. The skin becomes livelier, much more vibrant, and clearer than ever before.

Chemical Peel Capacity

A chemical peel has a lot of capacity to work for your skin. Although it is a nonevasive procedure yet it has the ability to really give your skin a second chance! It is a miracle treatment for fine lines, wrinkles and aging spots, and signs all over your face and body. This is a very forgiving process that also tends to sun damage and acne scarring since it is literally peeling away that outer layer of your skin which holds the stubborn dead skin cells and gunk.
An esthetician, like ourselves, can guide you very well when it comes to how your skin will undergo a chemical peel. Hyperpigmentation, blotchy skin, redness, and all those skin problems that come after years and years of skin damage can be dealt with with a good chemical peel. It is, however, advised you take professional consultation before going through with it.

How Does a Chemical Peel Work?

Chemical peels aren’t as scary as the internet has deemed them to be. They are rather better than the uneven scrubbing that we usually put our poor skin through. This procedure can be done on almost all of your body depending on the intensity that the skin can undergo. The chemicals solutions can range from mild to deep. Generally, the deeper the chemical, the more your recovery time will be.
After the gentle application of the solution on your skin, the process of separation starts. Sometimes the peeling is visible to the naked eye but other times it is micro peeling or peeling that you can’t really see. But it is happening nonetheless. Patients tend to experience a hot sensation on their skin when the solution is applied. It can be followed by a stinging sensation too but it usually goes away without medication if the peel is mild. If the peel is deep, however, it might require medication alongside for best results.
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