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Laser Hair Removal

Visible results after only 3 sessions !

North York's Premier Destination for Laser Hair Removal

We, here at Allure Cosmedic, give you the opportunity to live a royal life. Imagine having no troubles tweezing and plucking out those finicky, tricky hair out of every spot on your body. The struggle is real and we want to save you from it all! We give you the highest quality laser hair removal treatments at staggeringly economical rates paired with an unforgettable experience. Our trained staff takes great care of your skin type and its needs to give you the best possible experience.

How does laser hair removal work?

It works quite simply. The laser light is absorbed by the hair and it transfers that signal up the shaft and to the follicle where the follicle becomes damaged and does not produce hair from thereon. The root is struck by the laser now and it does not produce hair in the future too so there is a win for everybody.
The hair that falls out is not an immediate process. It can take almost 2 to 3 weeks for a hair follicle to get to that level where it leaves the hair. But patience is key here and if you pull through, smooth hairless skin is the gift.
Hair growth has got three main stages:
We tend to target the hair in the anagen phase where it is most easily and effectively treated. The best results come from this very stage.

The lasers we use

We would never risk the well-being of our customers by using products that are not of the most effective and highest quality. The lasers we put to use are exceptionally accurate with what they do and our trained professionals have a good know-how of operating them to get the best results.
We also are very careful about the skin of our clients so we keep in mind that we have to use products that do not, in any way, harm the skin of our clients. Skin-friendly lasers, although they have a very hefty price tag, are our utmost priority and we make sure we bring you the best!
If you happen to have any questions, please feel free to contact our team at the contact us page. We shall be eager to help you out with any questions or queries on your mind.
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