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Thalgo Facial

Thalgo Express Purity Ritual Facial

This facial is perfect for you if you are an on-the-go type of person who would like to just get some amazing marine ingredients introduced to your skin while you make the most of life. It is a whole system where a glorious sea massage follows all the necessary steps in a facial with the benefits of the sea at your beck and call.

Oxygenation Facial

Problematic skin is often crying to be helped. It is your body’s way of telling you to look after it and the oxygenation facial at Allure Cosmedic is an excellent way to go about that. It deeply cleanses your skin from within. It has some high end smoothening and detoxifying properties as well. We follow one product after another with suitable intervals in between as your skin begins its journey to a whole new world.

Collagen Radiance Facial

Marine collagen molecules are all the rage in the skincare industry these days because of how beautifully radiant they leave your skin. This facial has an instant smoothening effect and works especially well for textured skin.

Eye Expert

The skin under our eyes grows thinner and thinner as we grow older. The very first signs of aging appear around the eyes and we recommend that you indulge in some of our amazing and effective warm and cool gel therapy for the eyes with an added ebenfit of our mask machine.

Thalgo Three Algae Facial

This is the signature facial that is truly been the life-changing one for our clients. It combines the power of three to get the very best results for you! it cleanses your skin, then exfoliates it, and later on, gives it that signature glowy finish that everyone will envy you for. It’s perfect for people who want to have that naturally beautiful sheen to their skin!
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