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Youth Glow Box


The pro-age duo that will enhance the skin of women in their fifties and older and brings the comfort it deserves.


Marvelous Formula (Bottle with pump 30 ml): A revolutionary formula! This serum is made up of two families of ingredients: – brings the skin all the nutrients it requires to perform at an optimum level, – carries the molecules contained in all the other académie treatments.

Re-Densifying and Volumizing Care (Jar 30 ml – free): This treatment brings back volume to the face, helps fill in deep lines and plumps up the epidermis.


Marvelous Formula: skin quality is dramatically improved. Day after day the skin is visibly regenerated and recovers its original youthful glow.

Re-Densifying and Volumizing Care: leaves the skin fuller and smoothed.


Marvelous Formula: morning and/or evening, apply one dose serum with light massage to a clean skin. Follow with your usual skincare cream.

Re-Densifying and Volumizing Care: morning and/or evening, apply with light massage on a clean skin.


Bottle with Pump 30 ml & 30 ml Jar


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